Asus Cyber Hacked and Remedy

Many computer users may be aware of the recent breaking news that hackers penetrated Asus software update servers.

Windows Memory Diagnostics for checking anomalies in..

The Windows Memory Diagnostic is a simple tool to help foundational level of memory scan for anomalies.

Personal Data Protection

Eprom Data Systems aims to comply with the requirements of the PDPA and respects your choices.

Illegal to collect NRIC numbers from 1st Sep 2019

As an individual, how do you know if the company which scans your NRIC is compliant?
What are the alternative methods to replace collection of NRIC for organisations?
Click here to find out more!

Office 365 Update, Dec 2017

Whether you are a ppt novice or power user, PowerPoint Morph can bring your design to life.

Office 365 Update, Jan 2018

This update from Office 365 features a nifty tool in ppt to make your work livelier.

Is Your Computer Inadvertently Mining Bitcoins For Others?

Miners tap onto computers connected to the internet and use others’ processor (CPU) or memory (RAM) resources to mine crypto via a cryptocurrency software.

This Is Insane..The Gorilla Guide To Hyperconverged Strategies..

If deep dive into tech zone hyperconverged is your cup of tea, then you don’t want to miss this.

Dangerous Suffixes In Email Attachments…

Many users we come across fall prey and click onto malicious emails, with either harmful attachments or URLs.

Talent Hunt Initiative With Workforce Singapore..

As an on-going effort in building up our talent pipeline, EDS participated in a recruitment programme driven by WSG.

Office 365 Update, May 2018..

For those who have been active spreadsheet users, check on the Insights in Microsoft Excel.

Security Remember Ransomware? Don’t fall victim even if…

Virus writers, cyber criminals and syndicates introduced ransomware to the world and it was reported that many crooks made a lot of money.

Astonishing Cyber Attacks During Historical Summit..

Russian cyber-attacks targeting Singapore spikes during Trump-Kim summit.

Hybrid IT Can Hybrid Cloud Tame The ‘Monster’?

Do you face frustrating IT management issues and/or get befuddled? If you do, there might be an antidote to what you are facing and nip those issues in their buds.

Office 365 Update, July 2018..

For readers who are already using some of the apps in Office 365, such as Planner and Teams, there are some announcement which might be new. Check it out by jumping to the specific time range.

Multi-dimensional Approach Needed Against Cyber Threats..

Several recent high profile cyber-security cases in Singapore have gripped the industry. SingHealth reported that 1.5 million records from its database have been illegally accessed.

Office 365 Update, Aug 2018..

Once again, Microsoft Office 365 rolls out some innovative features in its app.

Incident Management And Reporting In Cybersecurity Discovery…

The data breach at British Airways has thrown up many discussions and concerns.

Office 365 Update, Sep 2018

Have you been using Microsoft Teams? Does your company use apps in the cloud? This update in Office 365 demonstrates several capabilities from Teams to highlighting concerns about security.. See if it helps you to improve your productivity journey. Enjoy 

Hybrid IT And Hybrid Cloud…

There has been some chatters in the industry about Hybrid IT and Hybrid Cloud. Some endusers got confused between the two lingo.

Office 365 Update, Oct 2018..

Previously, device installation limit was imposed on each subscriber of up to five devices. According to Microsoft, as of 2nd Oct 2018, this is no more.

HPE Security Solution?! Some Didn’t Know They Have One..

One of the HPE’s cybersecurity capabilities lies in the strength of their server firmware threat prevention.

EDS In The Front Seat With HPE’s Strategies Going Into 2019..

Together with hundreds of channel partner attendees, EDS congregated at HPE APAC summit at Shangri-la Hotel, Bangkok Thailand.

EaaS-y – A sustainable case going forward with GreenLake..

As the industry evolves, the voices for sustainable consumption in many parts of the economy is getting louder and pellucid.

Office 365 Update Dec 2018..

This is one of those moments where updates roll-out ran faster and blog publishers bungled their sequence.

How to disable Windows 10 key strokes capture functions?

Many people are not aware that Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system comes with the capabilities of capturing key strokes.

Security – Beef Up Your Defences Without Burning Holes..

Iron-cladding IT security can be expensive. Depending on the type of security mechanisms, what are the digital properties to protect and to some extend, what is the tolerance from key stakeholders.

PUPs Virus Alert

Some software writers are creative and have a sense of humour in naming their works. Overdrive Ninja, BabySparks or Cackle.

How Vulnerable Are SMEs Against Cyber Threats?

In early Jun 2016, the Singapore government announced the separation of internet surfing computer terminals with internal computer operations for the public sector…

Wifi Security Protocol WPA2 At Risk Of Man-in-the Middle Attack

If you don’t already know, a new wifi threat discovery was announced last Monday and this attack could gain momentum.

How Can I Benefit From Moving to Cloud?

Much of the hoo-ha have been about the urgency to move to the cloud especially with the rising cost of doing business.

Cloud vs. On-premise – The Dropbox Way

This is a good read on a case study between pure cloud adoption or entire on-premise deployment.

Handling Data Expansion

Whatever size the organisation is, data explosion is inevitable. From the internal creation of organisational data to social media platforms…

1 In 5 Computers Could Have Malware In…

In Singapore: According to a research report, one in five computers could be infected. Some industry watchers feel that it is no big deal.

Work Smarter With Office 365 Workshop. Productivity Hacks. Increase Revenue

EDS successfully delivered the 2nd part of the mini workshop to our customers. Office 365, a flagship cloud services from Microsoft…

Be Assured With Microsoft Azure

Be assured with Microsoft Azure by EDS, Microsoft and Barracuda

Ransomware Infections Are Inching Up..And What Can You Do To Better Protect Yourselves?

In a recent Straits Times report, more Singaporeans fell victims to ransomware. According to Symantec, Singapore recorded…

How Real Are The Cloud Performance Numbers by the Tech Giants?

It has been several years since the top software tech giants started re-modelling their revenue model. As each filing year went by…

How Should I Choose My Cloud Provider?

In cyberspace, no place is a safe haven. The bigger a service provider is, the likelihood of it being a target for cyber attack.

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