EDS In The Front Seat With HPE’s Strategies Going Into 2019..

Together with hundreds of channel partner attendees, EDS congregated at HPE APAC summit at Shangri-la Hotel, Bangkok Thailand.

The event held over two days saw a series of conference, workshops, contests, case studies and discourse in the ever-changing landscape of our industry.

And most importantly, discuss the direction, what to expect in the year ahead and stay sharp.

There were many things covered and below are some pointers which we pick up as we drive our efforts to uplift productivity for ourselves and our clients.

  • Firmware hacking is the next menace! Cyber threats and cybersecurity incidents are expected to keep hitting new highs. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for professionals. The mobile devices users are holding in their hands could just be one of the many weak links into corporate networks. HPE provides a solution with its silicon root-of-trust technology to give IT Ops, DevOps and managers greater peace of mind. To learn more, click here…
  • Proliant family of computing servers hits a 25-year milestone in 2018! This is an amazing feat as it is not easy even for large companies to have a product which stands the test of time and thrives. According to HPE, there would be more announcement to make in Jan 2019
  • Cybersecurity is a complex subject these days. With many dimensions to tackle, it is almost impossible to sufficiently safeguard data from one angle. HPE invested in Advanced Threat Protection (APT) through an acquisition in Niara, a cybersecurity company which focused in user and entity behavioural analytics (UEBA)

GreenLake is a suite of solutions to help companies free up valuable resources and yet, not to be bogged down with anxiety in security concerns when sensitive data are parked in the cloud

As we forge ahead in the digital economy, our clients and partners can tap from our resources in a mutually-beneficial journey together.

Have a good holiday season ahead and wish our clients and readers well in 2019!

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