HPE Security Solution?! Some Didn’t Know They Have One..

When most people talk about cybersecurity solutions, it is not uncommon to hear names like Check Point, Palo Alto, Fortinet and the likes.  Unlike Cisco, HPE would probably not even appear in the top of people’s minds.  This is such a shame and it may perhaps be set to change.

There are several elements worth mentioning, how HPE cybersecurity offerings contribute to the eco-system.

As many already know, cyber threats come in many forms. Attacks in on-premise devices, cloud-based software and systems, website defacement, data exfiltration, DDOS and the list goes on. One of the hack favourites by threat actors could probably be chipset related (a fairly niche area). The chipset or simply computer chip is where the BIOS of computing devices resides.

The two notorious examples in this threat are notably Meltdown and Spectre. The vulnerabilities from these two exploits allow data to be exfiltrated while they are being processed in computer chips.

One of the HPE’s cybersecurity capabilities lies in the strength of their server firmware threat prevention.

Many security solution vendors tout the capability of their products and how they provide robust protection to systems’ firmware, for instance.

In theory, this is right. But if you go deeper and think about it, which vendor would be better in firmware security threat protection, the server manufacturer such as HPE or an external party security appliance maker?

In addition, HPE also builds in cybersecurity practices in data protection around National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) regulatory framework.

Taking cybersecurity solution a step further, machine learning (ML) capability was added to detect behaviourial patterns and risks. This is made possible by a strategic acquisition of Niara, a US-based company which focused in user and entity behaviourial analytics (UEBA) for advanced threat protection in parameter security.

These are just a few components in cybersecurity which clients are benefiting when they invest in HPE’s products that many are not aware.

For those who are already in HPE’s eco-system, they can enjoy a greater peace of mind in the safety of their digital properties.

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