Securing access is simple with ClearPass Guest, OnBoard and OnGuard for secure network access and control. Whether a contractor, student, corporate guest, staff or BYOD device, ClearPass access products ensure the right people gain access to the correct networks with authorized devices.

Wireless Network

Visibility and detection is a minimal starting point for securing your network. Automated fingerprinting, profiling of endpoints and continuous observation is also needed for extended control of the devices and users connecting to your network.

Visibility, Control and Response

Malicious insiders and IoT-based attacks continue to grow, bypassing your perimeter security defenses. Aruba ClearPass can reduce the risks and vulnerabilities to your enterprise networks.

Certified Secure

Cyberattacks have become increasingly intelligent, targeted and more frequent. Security teams need to know that products they deploy to protect their organizations follow strict guidelines to ensure they operate to high and consistent standards

Secure Access for Guests

There are a number of ways to securely connect devices to a network, without compromising security. ClearPass features several tools to simplify connectivity, onboarding and endpoint configuration.

First Visibility, then Control

Once you know what devices are connecting to your network, it’s time to enforce the policies for providing the right type of access.

Aruba ClearPass Benefits

  • Automatic detection and categorization of endpoints for security and audit demands
  • Continuous monitoring of all devices, and those that come and go
  • Agentless visibility that lets you find devices like BYOD smart phones and IoT
  • Contextual attribute sharing that extends visibility to a wide range of security and IT-services solutions
  • Elimination of labour required with manually maintaining database updates
  • Improved network performance and security by understanding how many endpoints, what types, and their attributes

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