EaaS-y – A sustainable case going forward with GreenLake..

As the industry evolves, the voices for sustainable consumption in many parts of the economy is getting louder and pellucid.  But easy it may not be.

Shifting the concept of owning stuff to renting and leasing has been around for decades or even centuries.  From rental cars and machinery to photocopiers and wedding gowns.

But never has the concept of dis-ownership taken to a much different plane by innovation and technology.

Think AirBnB, WeWork, Grab and HP.  Just to name a few.

The internet and cloud computing have been the driving forces beneath these applications and have revolutionised business models.  As XaaS matures, we now see the viability of Everything as a Service (EaaS).

Data is the lifeblood of a business.  Moving lock, stock and barrel to the cloud is almost unthinkable for many established organisations.  And this is a valid concern.  With security and operations playing central themes, organisations large and small have been urged to think data protection at the outset.

Besides DevOps and IT Ops, financial strategy needed from a firm adds to the complexity in technology investments and beating the competition.  How can decision-makers move beyond these and still fulfill its mission to its core underlying existence?

EaaS is an option which allows businesses to tap onto their business partners.  Known as a form of leverage, this strategy can clear any cloud of anxiety when strategically applied. 

EaaS provides certainty several years down the road which is even more crucial to CEOs navigating in a VUCA world today.

GreenLake, a name which elicits calmness and placidity, extends flexibility to DevOps, IT Ops and keep the central themes of security and productivity in sharp focus.

Converting CAPEX into OPEX is an ongoing conversation.  It is as mature as any financial strategies to help managers and CxOs drive higher productivity.

In server farms or data centres, researches are expecting that at the management and board levels, there are two things stakeholders are looking at, sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

These are not new but have taken more intensity in recent years due to global warming.

Members at the board and senior management also need to ensure business models stay viable amidst increasing cost of expenses and our earth heating up. But these can be tricky to apply as they are very often seen an contradictory.

With the right partners and tools, EDS and HPE work hand-in-glove with clients around the central mission of creating sustainable values.

GreenLake acts at point of capacity planning, where more often than not, procurement tends to overbuy. And combined with cybersecurity considerations, the entire equation can become a hairball.

These have been the twin proverbial issues, until now.

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