How Can I Benefit From Moving to Cloud?

Much of the hoo-ha have been about the urgency to move to the cloud especially with the rising cost of doing business.  In recent years, some forward-looking organisations have been deploying and integrating cloud into their workflow.  We put together four quick and simple reasons what cloud computing can do for you.

  1. CAPEX vs OPEX: Be it a big or small firm, it is true that all businesses strive to bring down all possible cost needed while not compromising on quality.  Most businesses limited budget, and IT sometimes, becomes an after-thought, especially when the business core falls out of the IT focus. Hence, the need to keep IT cost low.  Now you can pay only for the services that you utilize with cloud. Cloud solutions now offer a pay-as –you go model which means, you only pay for what you used compared to on-premises applications and hardware. These provide flexibility, allowing for future scalability and keep track of expenses for better management and cost monitoring. 

  2. Constant and Automated updates: Not only do you save money; cloud solutions allow you to enjoy free and automated updates of your applications. You do not have to spend time running update checks and upgrades which can take considerable amount of time that could be allocated to other aspects of your business.  It also minimises the need for heavy hardware maintenance. 

  3. Anytime, anywhere: Now that businesses are being more mobile, cloud solutions offer you the flexibility for you and your employees to get access to critical documents anywhere, anytime and on the go while they are out to of office.  In addition, data security and privacy can be implemented for data protection. 

  4. Off-Site:  With unforeseen circumstances, cloud gives you cost-efficient option and peace of mind to your critical digital assets.  Having off-site back-ups has always been a struggle to many organisations. With cloud, things are simplified.

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