Be Assured With Microsoft Azure

Be Assured With Microsoft Azure

Together with our partners, we successfully conducted a hands-on workshop for our guests held at Microsoft OMB office. With the on-going headwinds facing our economy, yesterday’s event saw a good number of chatters on the sideline sharing concerns in the outlook for 2017. According to some attendees, this workshop helped to demystifying, attend to many question marks and clear some doubts about adoption of Azure cloud computer services.

 Januar, our technical lead sharing to the largely BDM audience the advantages of Microsoft Azure.

Whether it is a SME or Enterprise set-up, there is a likelihood that Azure cloud platform could sharpen your competitiveness. In addition, the CRIA+ve™ programme by EDS provides additional layer of incentive to consider a move to Azure.

 Azure Ranger, Hermes Miraflor, flew down from the Philippines to meet Singapore clients and potential adopters about Hybrid Cloud strategy.

Barracuda Networks, which specialised in cyber security, highlighted the persistent threats along with evolving cyber risks landscape and how Barracuda’s solution could stop malicious intent.

 Thooi Yean Loon from Barracuda taking on questions from the audience about its security platform and how it fits into Azure.

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